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 The idea of instant noodles can be traced back to the Chinese Qing Dynasty, when yimian noodles were deep-fried which allowed them to be stored for long periods and then prepared quickly. Similarly, "Chicken Thread Noodles" (deep-fried thin noodles served with boiling water and optionally an egg) were available in China and Taiwan since the Qing Dynasty.

 Yummy noodles are pre-boiled and pre-fried, to make it a ready-to-eat snack or a cooked meal as per your choice. The noodles are salted and flavored with the high grade flavors, but we have packed in additional seasoning that promise to please your taste buds. Each packet of Yummy is a wholesome meal as it is rich in carbohydrate, protein, minerals and iron. Our specifically food based metallic packaging keeps the noodles fresh and crispy, preserving the actual cooked taste and providing you with relish in each bite. 

 Seasonings (HACCP certified) 


Yummy can be eaten as a snack straight from the package or cooked for a couple of minutes in boiling water and garnished with vegetables of choice to make a hot meal. Unlike ordinary noodles, Yummy is pre-cooked, flavored, seasoned and fried before packaging (all in an automatic untouched process). It comes with various seasonings and flavors. A pack of Yummy includes three seasonings : masala (mixed spices), chili powder and onion-flavored oil.